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Kamino industry is a French website created on the initiative of 98csi, aka CDL studios, the leading Star Wars Lego creator in the French YouTube community.

Based on the planet kamino, we, the kaminoans are devoted to one thing, and one thing only : bringing you the best of soldiers. Known for their leadership in cloning, kaminoans have shared their great knowledge as a legacy from generations to generations. As of right now, we are locked on this rainy planet busy only with satisfying your need of clones.



Kamino industry products are approved by our great prime minister Lama Su. Indeed, kamino industry is committed to bring you the most advanced prototypes of clone soldiers and commanders on the market to complete your flourishing armies.

We have a unique way to proceed in our handmade producing. Our clones are delicately bread from birth in bacta tanks. Then they are trained with the best bounty hunters in the galaxy and finally equipped with the most advanced weapon, helmets and Armors from coruscant to corellia. Last but not least, we bring to our dear troups, a special and secret touch. This of course is the essence of kamino industry : the delicate handling of decals to mark your clones with special legions and personal paintings.


"Our clones are the best soldiers

you can find in the galaxie"



Our clones are nothing if not used in  battles !



All Collection

This trooper is  not a cloned unit. He is a Volunteer and professional military trooper serving the great Galactic Republic.

He serves in the Havok Squad, Led by Jace Malcom.

Highly Trained and Heavily Armed, he is dedicated to the army and fights for his commander. Unlike clones, he can take decisions. 

"It is forbidden to buy human beings, but who cares ?

Those are only clones ! "

you want just a body with no helmet and weapon? Just tell us